There has been a lot of chatter about the upcoming content marketing conference, Content Marketing World, which will be held in September 2014 in Cleveland. Guest speakers attending the event include Kevin Spacey and others. Professionals in the world of content marketing such as Lee Odden have also been preparing to present eBooks and infographics on content marketing and how to achieve a good ROI.

All this excitement has made us have to take a closer look at how to achieve content marketing ROI that is not just satisfactory, but phenomenal for our clients. Michael Brenner nicely summed up the top tips to consider as provided by various professionals in the digital marketing world, which we will summarize below.

Top professional tips for content marketing ROI

  • Pay attention to measurement reporting on performance of your campaign. This will include factors such as customer acquisition, sales and costs savings, specialized insights and marketing efficiency.
  • Survey your audience, carry out usability tests and listen socially to your target audience when presenting them with content.
  • Create content that is designed to develop your entire market. You can then effectively measure market size vs. market share.
  • Increase sales and boost performance of your digital marketing campaign by managing content quality and ensuring that your content is always relevant.
  • Focus attention on understanding the emotional and brand attachment that people have for your products and brands.
  • Find out what problems are faced by your target audience and create relevant content that can help to solve those problems.

These tips and advice as provided by the professionals in the online digital marketing world as sure to assist you with achieving ROI on your content marketing campaign.

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