You can use Social Media Marketing (SMM) to build your reputation and your brand, never to sell products.  Always brand yourself as a leader.  Your reputation and your brand is what you represent, your connection and what you care about.  You must be the persuasive and unique voice in your market. One of the goals with most Social Media Marketing campaigns is to build a cultural following.

Success doesn’t happen without effort. Most of the successful Social Media Marketing campaigns takes engaging your market at every turn and it can take many hours each day. SMM is about being where the buzz is at and where the conversations are happening.  Once you know this, you can start interacting in these conversations.

Social Media Opportunity

Social Media creates opportunity.  The power is in brand perception and brand development.  Success with SMM is like running a marathon, not sprinting.  Success with Social Media is about building honest relationships.  Authenticity must be real.

We cannot hide any more in the world we are living in. The world is becoming more transparent.  There is really no more lurking in the shadows.  With Social Media, there’s a light that shines on everybody and everything.

The online marketing landscape

Online marketing has changed quite significantly over the last 5 years.  It’s getting increasingly chaotic everyday.  The old-fashioned way of controlling your market is long dead.  It’s all about conversing and interacting with targeted markets at ground level.

All content should be offered for free and information itself should not have a price.  Social Media Marketing is about sharing information in exchange for building up your brand and reputation as the leader in your market.  Your goal is to make a difference to make your market and niche better.

Your business can make quite a lot of money by packaging information in a way that has value.  This can be in the form of seminars, books, personal consulting or courses.  Giving advice and spending time with your clients has a high value.

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