Content marketing is the way forward and presenting your audience with relevant and useful videos forms an integral part of this. Just because you don’t have a hefty advertising budget to support big video productions does not mean that your business cannot create and benefit from compelling video content. If you want to ensure your marketing strategy offers relevant content to your target audience then the time to get working on an effective video marketing campaign is now.

Creating a video for your business does not require a great deal of skill or access to state of the art video equipment. If you have a decent Smartphone or video recorder, you can create content that is clear and well presented. You can use your marketing video in the following ways:

  • Upload how-to videos to YouTube.
  • Supply clients with useful product information.
  • Provide a company product profile to interested parties.

Tips to creating a marketing video for your business

  • Keep it short and sweet – consumers aren’t going to watch hours of videos to learn how to complete a home DIY project or make use of a product correctly. By keeping the videos short you can present useful content without losing the interest of your consumer.
  • Set up a YouTube channel – this is both simple and absolutely free. You will also benefit from your video being highly searchable as Google owns YouTube. It is important to make use of keyword relevant titles, tags and descriptions if you want your marketing video to be easily found. This is a key element in any content marketing campaign that makes use of videos.
  • Video editing – the last thing you want to do is upload a video that looks unprofessional and you will find there are a few free video editing apps that you can download. Make use of these to put the finishing touches on your video before you upload it.

These are just a few tips to consider when piecing together a marketing video for your business. Contact us at WSI OMS for useful tips and advice when it comes to using video for content marketing today.

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