SlideShare is an online sharing tool that allows you to publicly host PowerPoint presentations, OpenOffice presentations, infographics and PDF documents and more on your own website. It is a valuable tool for businesses that want to host important presentations, keynote speeches, annual reports and other documents because it’s easily accessible, easy to use and can be easily found by people looking for related content.

But how does it increase engagement?

  • SlideShare hosts your presentations on its own website as well and the site receives over 60 million unique visitors each month. That is millions of potential visitors to your website!
  • Because SlideShare is mainly used by business people who are searching for business-related content, it can be an excellent way to generate leads. Use tags relevant to your presentations because there are most likely people searching for the information you’ve provided.
  • SlideShare allows you to discover who is accessing your presentations, from where they are being referred and which presentations are most popular with your target market.

When you have content that ranks highly in search engine rankings like Google, it’s easier for the people you are trying to reach to find your content. In addition to ranking highly in Google search results, SlideShare presentations can now be uploaded to your LinkedIn profile for increased visibility. It’s incredibly user-friendly and costs are kept to a minimum, so if you aren’t taking advantage of this excellent tool then you may be missing out on reaching key people!

Each presentation gives you the option to e-mail it or share it straight from the website, so if you come across a particular presentation you think is ideal for your own business or for someone else, SlideShare makes it simple to share it with them using a simple click of the mouse.

Don’t miss out on quality business leads and potential customers – start using SlideShare today!

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