Social media experts have a set of rules and pointers for using Twitter to boost traffic to their clients’ websites, but popular bloggers are obviously winning at this game. They don’t follow the rules and they’ve got a massive list of subscribers and followers on social media. What are they doing differently? Here are a few key differences.

Don’t limit your following count to influential people

It’s true that it doesn’t reflect very well on your Twitter profile if you’re following thousands of people but only have a few people following you. Social media experts tell you to follow movers and shakers, thought leaders, clients, competitors and that’s it. What popular bloggers do differently is they follow everyone who engages with them online. If someone replies on their posts, offers their own insights or shares their blogs, they get followed. This is a good tactic to experiment with on your company’s Twitter page.

Catchy headlines don’t work if they’re not shared

Writing articles with ‘clickbait’ headlines (very catchy and curiosity-provoking headlines) is one way that many popular news websites such as Buzzfeed grew their fan base, but the only way this works is when your followers shares your articles for you. You can be writing all the catchy headline articles you want, but if other people aren’t sharing them for you, you’re not going to generate more traffic to your website. Make sure you’re writing interesting contact that will reflect well on the people who are sharing them. Remember people want to look smart, opinionated and thoughtful when sharing content on social media.

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