Technology is slowly but surely changing brands and businesses. People want to see more of what happens behind the scenes of your company, so that they can not only engage with the product but with the people who make the product possible.

Social media and New media introduce video, blogs, tweets and podcasts to brands, enabling them to engage with the client. The idea is to bring clients closer to your company, instead of the usual distance that occurs once they have purchased the product. Clients want to see an accessible and relatable side to your company, the WHOs and the HOWs.

Take them behind the scenes:

Be visible. You know the famous culinary saying, ‘you eat with your eyes first’? Well, it applies to a product or brand as well. Taking pictures of your product and adding them onto platforms like Instagram or Pinterest, creates visibility of your brand/product. Amusing and different views of your product/brand in different settings, creates interest and awareness.

Interact. Don’t let the client feel ‘left out’ – interaction is vital for client satisfaction of your product/brand. Clients want quick easy ways to get a response from you. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook make it quick and easy for clients to engage with you. This also allows the client to promote your product/brand as well, the more they Tweet about you the more awareness it creates with potential clients.

Introduce them to the team. Allow them to get to see and know the people who make the product possible. Show them the fun side of each team member – beyond the role of mere service providers. This brings the client closer to the people they trust with their work and services, and makes them feel like they are some part of the team.

Use Vlogs and Podcasts. These are entertaining and also informative windows into your company and what it offers. Vlogs and podcasts can be used, not only to demonstrate the use of your product/brand, but to show clients what other clients think of the product/brand. You can use these to take the client behind the scenes, as well.

By investing in these simple but effective methods, your brand can be on the road to success. Remember the trick is not to disconnect your clients from you and to rather get engaged with them and your product/brand.

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