A couple of years ago when users and marketers were still trying to figure out and understand how “social media marketing” will be impacting them, did they really think it is going to turn out this way? After that you found those same people in conference rooms spread around the world, saying things like “Ok…we have a LinkedIn profile and a Facebook account. Now what?”.

After many discussions, these people decided that the best thing to do to get the ball rolling is to tag all of their websites and online profiles with the phrases “Find us on Facebook” and “Follow us on Twitter”. They thought that will be the trick.

If you are using social media marketing in your marketing mix you will know that the answer is no, that is not going to do the trick. Often these days you will find more people and brands begging for followers and fans, and then absolutely doing nothing with them. Before you start looking at all your followers and think that your campaign is successful because you have reached 10 000 followers on Twitter, here are a couple of tips you really should take note of.

Social media marketing tips

  • Engaged fans are king
  • Everywhere online, users are surrounded by “follow”, “+1” and “like” buttons and clicking them has become normal. Take the people that “liked”, “followed” and “+1” your content and brand and turn them into brand advocates
  • 50 fans that are talking about you and your brand is more valuable than 10 000 fans that aren’t talking
  • Give away incentives for being a loyal follower – this can start a snowball running
  • Respond to any negative and positive brand mentions. Nothing is worse than an empty response from a brand

With social media marketing, it is all about being active and engaged with your audience.  Don’t let them down.

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