Is it really possible that you can spend too much time and effort on your social media marketing campaign? I often hear this question from my clients first starting out with social media. You may think that I will answer them with the big no, because I primarily teach business owners how to integrate social media into their daily tasks so that it becomes the norm. But in reality, I really think that you can spend too much time on your social media campaign.

With that said, there are no set number of hours that you should commit to promoting yourself online and through all the social media channels. There really is no hardwritten rule that you have to stick to, but how are you going to determine how much time is enough? It is actually very easy to work out. Can you justify all the effort and time that you have spent on the social web by the ROI you receive from your initiatives? Are you showing any success with your social media campaign?

Social media measurement

Social media is not very easy to measure, but it is very important that you pay attention to metrics that are beneficial to your business. If you are spending between 5-6 hours everyday on the social web, and you get 1 new customer a month, is it really worth it for the time you are spending on the social web? On the other hand, if you spend 1 hour a day on social media, and you acquire also 1 new customer a month, then it could really be worth it, especially if you can generate repeat business out of these customers.

So remember that there is no rule for how much time you should spend on the social web and your campaign. Look for a good return that makes it worthwhile for your business to pursue.

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