Marketing automation is a tool that automates and measures all your digital marketing tasks. You can think of marketing automation as a handy digital robot that takes on all the tedious tasks that you generally procrastinate to do.

  • Essentially, a marketing automation tool will market everything from your email marketing and lead capturing to your lead scoring. It can even automate your social media campaigns. Marketing automation supports lead generation by following and capturing a potential customer’s initial interactions with your company.

An example would be having a prospect convert into a lead on a landing page. In this case, a marketing automation tool will pick up what page your prospect visited and group the prospect into a specific category. That way, when your sales team picks up the lead, they will know what information, product or service the potential customer was interested in when they visited your site. This can help them tailor their pitch or it can help you with your content marketing strategy by giving you the insights you need to help them further down the sales funnel.

  • Marketing automation tools can also rate and score your leads based on certain criteria. The automation process can be taken a step further by automatically sending the client a follow-up email with further information based on the touch-point they had with your business.

If you want to get more qualified leads this year, then a solid digital marketing strategy and marketing automation process can help you in profound ways. Contact WSI OMS for more information about marketing automation and lead generation today.

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