There’s a wealth of information out there for small businesses and marketers on how to optimise their landing pages to improve conversion rates. Sadly, you can’t trust everything you read online, so bad information could lead to bad decisions which ultimately are to the detriment of your business.

Here are three of the most common misconceptions about landing pages:

  1. Low conversion rates = problems with your landing page

You can improve your conversion rates without touching your landing page – looking at your target audience is a good place to start. If you are targeting the wrong people, nothing will make them convert. Look at your keywords and focus on high commercial intent keywords that have strong buying signals. Refine your location targeting options, by using geotargeting, but be careful not to set too large an area. For businesses handling a lot of mobile traffic, try using Call-Only ads – a format where the visitor clicks a single button and calls your business directly from an advertisement. Skipping the landing page stage altogether can have a big impact on your conversion rate.

  1. A/B testing on your landing site is the ultimate optimisation

It’s easy to become obsessed with tiny details in the quest to perfect your landing page, but you could just be wasting a lot of valuable time. Typically, in a conversion rates A/B test, the performance of the control and the variant level out over time. Rather than focusing on small design detail, try doing something bold, giving your prospects something they want, like a special offer or discount. At the same time, consider your sign-up flow – asking for user data early in the buying process can be off-putting, so ask users to sign up at the end, or offer a more flexible sign-up process.

  1. The landing page is the last opportunity to get visitors to convert

In today’s always-on, multi-device environment, people rarely go through a funnel from your landing page. To capture more conversions, you need to think about remarketing – where your message ‘follows’ a prospect around the web, keeping your brand or product top of mind, allowing the user to convert when they’re ready. Social media is perfect for remarketing, as the visual nature of ads on Facebook are very effective.

There’s a lot more to conversion rates than a landing page. Although your landing page optimisation is important, it could be the rest of your process that needs adjusting. For more on social selling and optimisation of your site, contact us today!

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