Running your franchise can be time-consuming. Despite having to attend to the everyday tasks and objectives of your business, the marketing of your franchise requires attention too. While some business owners grasp the concept of a digital marketing strategy, they lack the knowledge and experience to successfully implement it. 

Here are four digital marketing avenues for you to explore: 

Look in to Mobile Advertising 

Digital marketing is the most effective route for franchisees to reach prospective customers. With the increasing usage of all things mobile, your potential customers probably spend most of their time browsing online on their mobiles rather than viewing ‘hard copy’ ads.  An app with push notifications or simply a mobile text messaging strategy can help you get in front of your customers’ eyes.

Create a Local Business Page

You can create your local business pages on various platforms including Google+, Facebook and Bing Places for Business. With the aim of appearing in similar (and local) business category search results, this proves highly valuable when it comes to  increasing your exposure online and helping potential customers to find your business.

Consider Social Media Marketing 

One of the drivers behind digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. Whether it be your franchise’s website or social media platforms, you will spend less for more. One advantage of social media marketing  is that you can specifically target your audience, making it easier to attract your ‘perfect’ potential target group and converting these into potential customers.  Investigate local business advertising groups and/or pages on Facebook. These platforms are usually free to advertise on, and they normally form part of a community’s  friendly support initiative. 

Incorporate Local SEO Keywords 

Keyword research is vital. You’ll need to find out which search terms your community uses when looking for a business within your area. Spend some time experimenting with keyword combinations for the face of your website and for the background, and decide on which keywords will gain you the highest level of traction.

Most importantly, remember to include your city and region names to your industry relevant-terms.

With digital marketing becoming easily accessible and user-friendly, you need to be aware of the crucial strategies and tools made readily available to you. Brainstorm a digital marketing strategy, do your research and pinpoint your exact target market before implementation. Keep consistent communication flowing and have fun!

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