If you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur, you need to leverage platforms like social media. Not only does this give you access to the people you want to do business with, but it can save you a lot of money (especially if you don’t want to blow your marketing budget on paid advertising).

Social media marketing is free, but there are so much noise and so many people out there that you’re not going to stand out if you don’t have a solid strategy in place. Keep this in mind:


Create Amazing Content

Some people will tell you that you need to invest in video content while others will advocate for long written content or even podcasting. Pick the content type that you’re the best at:

  • If you’re really good at podcasting, then you would be more naturally inclined to create this type content and it will do better than forcing yourself to produce long bodies of text if you don’t particularly enjoy writing.
  • If, however, your goal is to become recognised at events and in your niche or community, then videos will help you more than anything else.
  • If your main goal is generating more website traffic, then high-quality written content is the way to go. Consider what your specific goals are before you start producing content.


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