When you first start out copywriting, you are full of energy and excitement. You are happy that things are moving in the right direction – no surprise there – and you are being paid crazy well for the tasks you are handling. However, after 10 years of having been involved in content writing and marketing, things may begin to take a turn for the worst. Perhaps, it doesn’t feel as exciting as it used to be. And, you may begin to wonder what is wrong with you. Not that your brain has stopped working, but because you haven’t learned the ways you can reignite your writing skills. When things seem to be getting a little old, you need to know what to do so that you freshen up your copywriting skills.


Avoid Doing Tasks you Don’t Love

A sound way to stay fresh in copywriting is to stop doing what you don’t love. If for example, you have been doing brochure content and soon you begin to feel stale, resign from those and look for something new. It’s often said that a change is as good as a holiday, and that applies pretty well to copywriting. If you don’t love something, dump it. However, it may not be so easy to quit that job you have been doing because of the knowledge that there are bills to pay. So, start looking for a different kind of content to write well in advance; you can probably do press releases, editorial copy, video content and the like. It will help you to reignite your skills and remain more productive.


Remain Engaged with Change

You will need to ride the waves of change if you want to stay fresh in content writing. It could be that you are doing web content, and you can move to SEO content, then to blogs, then to online video content and so forth. You just want to keep on changing the content. The choices are many, and after every few years, we are having different kinds of content sprouting up. When you remain engaged with the changes, you will never be bored with your copywriting job. And if you are not bored, it means you (and your skill) will remain fresh.


Fight Fun Battles

Copywriting isn’t a hard-charging game or the in-your-face broadcasting challenge. You need to look through the lens and know that things change with time. It is a well-established fact that in the beginning, copywriting was a copy and paste thing, until search engines like Google began hitting hard on website owners that used plagiarised content. Today, content creation involves conversational copywriting, and you have to stop the old-school, unwelcome thinking about copywriting. Soon, you will experience a different approach to content creation and marketing. You need to fight those fun battles so that you stay afloat.


Check and Filter What’s Hot in Copywriting

Many copywriters think that what is being touted as hot is actually what is trending in copywriting. However, you may find that 90 percent of that perceived “hot” gossip or trend isn’t actually hot. It’s just the noise out there. Many of the “new” content creation and marketing techniques you hear about are little more than the old-fashioned techniques with a fresh coat of paint. You need to be picky and choose wisely. Invest in the kind of content you love doing and keep away from those content writing coaching programs and other “hot” things in copywriting that will only waste your time and emotional energy. 

You need to love your craft if you want to stay fresh. Get yourself out of the crappy writing, and start to love what you do. Having great content makes you feel like being in a theatre. It inspires you to be even better in copywriting. When you follow these few tricks, you will remain fresh, focused and a better writer throughout your copywriting career.

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