There are always new and inventive ways to help you improve your copywriting skills and give you a fresh approach. One of these methods is to create an alter ego or ‘imaginary friend’ to help you write from a different perspective and appeal to your audience on a more personal level. Read the following guide on creating your writing alter ego.

Guidelines for creating your alter ego

  • Basic info. Decide on your persona’s age, gender, education, marital status and name. Decide what the person looks like and even sketch or find a pictureof the person. These basic pieces of information are vital in order to start copywriting from their perspective.
  • Dig deeper. Next you must decide on your character’s wants and needs. Address the character’s personal struggles and worries and decide how this person makes decisions. Consider the persona’s likes, dislikes and moral values. Once you have entered the psyche, you can begin to direct your writing in a direction that meets this person’s needs.
  • Write it! The final step involves doing what you do best – writing! Write a paragraph or story about this person or from this person’s perspective. Try to connect with your persona while you write the piece – see it through their eyes and feel their emotions. Keep this piece of writing as a reference.

The idea behind this is to find new ways to view your own writing and to help you connect with your readers. When you understand your target audience on such an intimate level, you can write in ways that attract and appeal to them. And why stop at one?

If you are successful in creating this persona, you will find that your writing will become multi-faceted, diverse and interesting to read – even for you! This can be a useful copywriting skill to use no matter what the subject.

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