Mobile marketing is appealing to small businesses and established companies alike because it is an affordable way to market products and services effectively. Unlike traditional marketing media like newspapers, print advertising and billboards, mobile marketing can reach your consumer almost instantly and without breaking your budget.

When you set up your mobile marketing strategy with the help of a professional online marketing company, you will be able to customise a strategy and optimise it for your company’s needs. In its most basic form, these strategies involve SMS and MMS messaging that gives you access to a massive 82% of South Africa’s population (according to Analytix Business Intelligence in 2012), giving you a simple and budget-friendly way of reaching millions of people with the click of a button.

Through a more advanced strategy you will have access to wide range of potential customers who are part of a rapidly growing online tech-savvy market. According to Memeburn in 2012, 33% of South Africans use their mobile phones to access the Internet, a number that is sure to increase, so if you want a winning mobile marketing strategy you can incorporate links or even your full website content.

As mobile technology advances, so do your marketing opportunities. With smartphones on the increase, companies are coming up with innovative ways to attract and engage potential customers. One example of this is QR codes. These look like barcodes and can be read by applications on smartphones. They can contain any information that can be accessed via the Internet, whether it is in the form of a business card, brochure, online shopping or promotions.

When you are developing your mobile strategy, always keep your customer in mind. Because our cell phones are almost always with us, you don’t want to be contacting your customer base so often that it becomes an annoyance. Try to engage and attract your audience by thinking outside the box rather than simply relying on multiple hard-sell techniques.

Want to create a mobile marketing strategy that will put you in touch with your customers without putting pressure on your marketing budget? Contact WSI today!

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