Copywriters tend to be creative by nature, able to write about and promote websites, products and services seemingly effortlessly. However, the dreaded “writer’s block” can affect even the most prolific writer, sometimes at the most inconvenient times. Writer’s block can be overcome by using a few simple techniques and giving yourself a break when you need it most.

Break Down the Common Blocks to Creativity

One of the most common creative blocks for a copywriter is being afraid their words will not make sense to the reader. Writers have a need to make sure the reader understands what they are saying. However, this fear can actually damage a writer’s ability to communicate what they want to say and actually block their words. If you can overcome this fear (or at least put your paranoia on the backburner) and accept the fact that you can get their point across effectively, you will be able to lift the block.

Give Yourself Time to Rest and Play

If you are working long hours with hardly any time for yourself or your family, you are sure to become burnt out. Instead, set office hours for yourself and give your mind a rest during your off hours. Give yourself permission to have fun with your kids, family or go out with friends; or, if you prefer, spend time alone reading, doing crafts or another fun activity. If you are able to figure out what rejuvenates you, you will find you won’t be burned out as often and can even come up with more interesting and creative work.

Write First, Edit Later

Many copywriters tend to write and edit their work as they go along; this only leads to creating a block on your creativity. Instead, let the words flow and write until you are finished saying what you need to stay, then go back and edit your work. This not only allows for a more creative space for writing, it also gives you time to think about what you wrote objectively so you can edit more effectively.

Believe in Your Writing Ability

Copywriters are notorious for not believing in their own ability to write. If you don’t believe in yourself, you will find it very difficult to gain clients and write engaging content.

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