Your site’s homepage acts like its front door. It is the very first page that many of your valuable traffic will get to see. Web development often focuses a lot on the design of the homepage, as it should be. The homepage will need to be compelling enough to keep your visitors around long enough that they will convert into a sale or lead or signup, whatever the call to action may be.

Homepage content focuses on the needs that drive visitors to your site. Visitors who land on the homepage have come there for a reason. They need or want something from your company – be it information, a service or products. Product descriptions, information, downloads, prices or a consultation. Whatever it is they need or want, you have to give. The content needs to meet the expectations of the user.

Here are a few ways great website development coupled with effective content should be used to keep your visitors around longer and achieve a better conversion rate:

  • Offer signup forms.

Substitute the signup forms for any other type of call to action you want – let the user fill in a contact form, download a free ebook, sign up for the newsletter or whatever the case may be. This part of web design should make it as easy and obvious for the user to sign up so that you don’t lose future contact with them.

  • The headline.

The heading of the homepage is half the battle. It will immediately tell your user whether they’re at the right site or not. Use it wisely and use it to get the reader to read to the bottom of the page and achieve the call to action.

  • Break text up.

Insert images and videos, among other elements to break up the text so that it reads easier and more quickly.

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