Whether you’re an internet marketing consultant or you run a plumbing business from your basement, a company specialising in copywiting may be exactly the thing you need to take your business to the next level.

Here are a few things that a copywriting service can help you with:

  • Your website: If your site is full of typos and errors, you might be losing sales.  A recent article in Harvard Biz Review focused on how a top executive refuses to hire people who don’t write properly. While you’re not necessarily looking for a job, you are looking for a sale and your customer needs to hire you. Make sure you’re not losing out on deals and sales due to poor grammar and spelling on your website.
  • Press releases: You might think a new product or service you offer is newsworthy, but it will take a professional writer (either a copywriter or a journalist) to write a press release that will get picked up by the media. A copywriting service will make sure they find the right hook to pitch your press release to different media outlets, which could lead to more exposure.
  • Proposals: If you own a business, you know exactly how long it takes to write proposals (especially if you spend many of your evenings writing these documents). When you get into the habit of writing proposals late at night, you tend to make mistakes such as including another client’s details on a new proposal, forgetting to include new prices etc. Outsourcing all your proposal writing not only frees up your time, but it ensures you’ve got a pair of fresh eyes looking at whatever you’re pitching.

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