Hiring a copywriter isn’t the hardest thing in the world – anyone from a marketing legend to a 12-year-old can pretend to be an SEO copywriter and claim your cash before you’re sure if they can produce results or not. If you are looking for an SEO copywriter that can create unique copy that attracts a targeted group of people to your website, you need to know what to expect from this person.

1. An understanding of how Google Analytics works

If your website already has Google Analytics (which it should), you can pull reports to see who’s clicking on your website, how people are navigating your pages and which pages are popular. An SEO copywriter should have a solid understanding of how Google ranks your pages as well as Google Analytics, which keywords are being used to find your website (where organic searches are involved) as well as the importance of inbound links.

2. Who’s doing the keyword analysis?

Suggesting two or three keywords per page is a good place to start, but a whole lot of keyword analysis gets done to determine which pages should be written. If the SEO copywriter is working as a one-man-band, he or she may not be skilled in thorough keyword analysis (internet marketing teams usually have dedicated SEO staff who don’t write the pages, but solely focus on ploughing through the heaps of keywords and keyword phrases that get typed into Google to find out which one’s should be used for their clients).

3. How many words per page?

“A page” could mean 100 words or it could mean filling an entire A4 page in Times New Roman 10 pt (which is closer to 600 words). More isn’t always better in this case – you don’t want to lose your potential customer’s interest because of the heaps of information they’re forced to read. A good estimate is between 250 – 350 words, but make sure that you and the SEO copywriter have agreed on the word count before you get started.

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