So you need a copywriter? Unfortunately the process of finding a copywriter is a tricky one. We are flooded by countless charming reviews; fancy pages and a wirlwind of promising pens, but is the person right for your company?

Remember copywriting is not just any form of writing. It requires a lot of concentration and a large amount of flexibility, so try to get examples of the writers work to see what he or she can do.

When hiring a copywriter, you need to hire someone compatible with you – someone who can climb into your product, understand your needs and then word it to match your corporate image and style.

Top 6 questions to ask a copywriter during the interview

  • Do you have samples of previous work? A sample of copywriting work is imperitive. Some copywriters do not have access to past work due to confidentiality agreements, but most of them should have a few hard copies of articles and documents that you can take a look at.
  • Background. Is the copywriter a native English speaker? What are his or her interests and hobbies? Ask the right background questions to find out how they will be able to interpret your work.
  • Product insight and research: How does the copywriter propose to get to know your trade? Do they have experience in your industry? Will they be able to do the necessary research?
  • Capacity: Is the copywriter capable of handling the volume of work given to them? If you have a lot of work, you should ask the copywriter about his or her capacity and turnaround times.
  • Cost involved: Will the copywriter be earning a salary or changing per hour?
  • Revisions: Ask the copywriter if you will be charged for any copy revisions.