Even though retina displays are mainly on Apple devices like the iPhone 5, MacBooks and the new iPads, we think that everyone in the web design industry should get to grips with this new technology. Here’s why:

  • It just looks better. Colours are more intense and shapes are sharper, simply because a retina display has more pixels per inch than any other display. This makes it perfect for today’s technology, especially tablets and smart phones that rely on zooming in on a website to see text or images in detail. Websites who don’t use this technology look grainy, hard to read and cheap when users zoom in on them, and you don’t want that affecting your professional image or usability. Remember that millions of people are already using devices with this technology to look at your site – making it a smart technology to adapt to.
  • It makes responsive web design more effective. The whole idea behind responsive web design is that a huge amount of people will be able to comfortably view a quality rendition of your website on their mobile devices. With Apple devices already using retina displays and other companies hot on their heels, your mobile users will increasingly turn to your website and be disappointed by the poor quality on their displays. Retina technology actually allows greater flexibility in responsive web design by allowing users to zoom in onto detail smoothly while maintaining image quality.
  • You can achieve more. Retina displays are all about quality over quantity, making your company web page look sharper and brighter than ever before. When you have this kind of clarity to work with, you can add in subtle detail that is useful but doesn’t dominate or obscure the rest of your web design.

It helps to think of a retina display like we think of high-definition television. At first, we didn’t see the point – what we had been looking at for years before was good enough. When we saw it in the stores, we were impressed, but still thought it was a bit of a fancy waste of time. After eventually buying the TV and getting the subscription, we were blown away – and now, when we look at regular definition, it just doesn’t make the grade. So stay ahead of the curve and take a really good look at how retina displays can affect and enhance your website.

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