A couple of years ago by having a website was enough.  A simple “online brochure” with basic information regarding your company and a basic contact form was the norm.  Those days by having a plain website was enough to get noticed by others.  Yes, those were the old days of the web and you were considered professional by just having one.  The web changed tremendously since then, look at Web 2.0! 

Recent statistics shows that there’s more than 226 million websites found on the internet and the number is growing fast.  The internet has grown much more crowded and competitive than the days when having a website was enough.  Every successful business is on the web – or at least should be.  How do you increase your visibility online so that you can stand out from the crowd?

First of all, you have to be creative and understand your audience before you can tackle this topic. The web is powerful business tool if utilized correctly.  Once you begin to understand this, the online possibilities are endless.  Your website is a online marketing tool.

Every website should have a focus point and a set of objectives.  Here is a couple – increase brand awareness, increase your visibility, sales leads, solutions, etc. 

Find below a couple of tips to help you make your website stand out from the masses.


There’s millions of websites on the web.  Each websites needs a plan to attract buyers.  Traffic to your website can originate from organic SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing (Web 2.0), referral traffic or even affiliate marketing.

Interact with your visitors

The days are over where marketing messages only gets shoved into the public.  People want to engage and interact with what they are reading and interested in.  By simply posting your name on your website isn’t enough.  Successful businesses are moving into Social Media with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogging.  Other options also includes opt in email marketing.


Every website should have a conversion part or selling sequence built in. This is not just having a call to action (CTA).  It is your sales strategy for a lead or a business call.

By simply contacting your website design company that you would like a new design for your website isn’t enough.  You need to create a solid business plan with a set of objectives for your website.  What do want to accomplish with your website?  Your website is not a simple advertising piece.  It is much more than that.

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