Do you have a blog for your business and it has not been successful? Have you lost interest in your blog? Does your blog have few or no comments and very few visitors? This can make a blog owner quite frustrated. What can you do to increase the overall performance of your blog and to attract more unique and repeat visitors?

Let’s get back to the basics. One of the main focus points when starting a blog is having a set of objectives and a solid plan. What do you want to accomplish with your blog? Do you want to build trust and credibility? Increase your visibility?

A blog without a focus or a plan and that is written in a dry uninteresting style will not attract readers. A successful blog needs a central message and focus on a dedicated target audience. Broadcasting messages for your business requires posts that are written with a purpose in a way that is interesting to your targeted readers.

Always write unique relevant content. Relevancy is always the key. Become the expert in your industry.

Find below a couple of tips for blogging that can help you with your blog.


Who or what audience are you trying to reach with your blog? This is the most important question regarding a blog for business. Are you selling products or information?


After you have established who your targeted audience is, what interests this targeted group? What information, answers, advice and news are they seeking? This should be focused around a topic that you know and closely relate to regarding your business. Once again – become the expert in your industry.


Keep focusing on a single topic to maintain the attention of your audience and the search engines. Dominate this topic as the authority. People that are interested in this topic will return often for updates.


Write your topics with personality and with an active voice. Write informative interesting content and express your opinions in a unique way.


Create an overall plan on how often you will be creating new postings on your business blog. A good example is to write 3 posts a week with a minimum of 300-400 words.

People will keep coming back and you will develop a loyal following if you are consistent and keep your posts interesting and on topic.

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