If it’s time to sit down and review your current mobile marketing strategy and plan for the future, consider developing a mobile loyalty app that recognises, engages and encourages your best customers. The evidence shows that loyalty communications have an engagement rate and open rate of more than three times that of traditional communications, which means that you have a fantastic opportunity to reach out to and connect with your loyal consumers.

Why should a loyalty app be part of your mobile marketing strategy?

  • The amount of time people spend on their smartphones provides you with numerous opportunities to reach them. Think about how often you see people on their smartphones – whether it’s while sitting in traffic, waiting in a long queue or on their lunch break.
  • Mobile loyalty apps allow you to increase the convenience and value of your brand while offering special deals to the customer in a very direct way. Whether it’s coupons for frequent shoppers, weekly e-mails about upcoming specials or sending out a freebie on someone’s birthday, a mobile app gives you direct access to anyone who downloads it.
  • It doesn’t generate unwanted communication. Blasting out e-mails to people who didn’t opt-in to your e-mail list is a quick way to alienate and annoy them. But with mobile apps, a customer has to choose to download your app, meaning they opt in to receiving special deals and communications via the app. As mentioned earlier, the open rates for loyalty communications are high.

Mobile marketing is all about keeping the customer interested, engaged and constantly returning to your brand. An app is the perfect opportunity to strike the right balance between constant communications and not communicating enough because customers can choose how frequently they want to use it and how frequently they want to patronise your business.

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