Search Engine Optimisation is a very important aspect of any digital marketing strategy. On 22 May Google announced their latest Penguin update. This update to the Google search algorithm is aimed at penalising websites using black hat tactics to improve their SEO. It is estimated that 2.3% of English-US search queries are affected by Penguin 2.0. This might seem like a small percentage, but there are over 5 billion searches per day (making it a rather large number).

If you are worried that your website has been affected, take a look at the tell tale signs and find out how you can fix it.

Has your website been penalised by Penguin 2.0?

  1. Keyword rankings: If your keyword rankings have declined drastically since the 22nd of May it could be that your website has been affected by the update
  2. Link Building: Go over all the pages on your website that have received the most link building focus. If your website traffic has declined sharply this is another sign that you have been penalised by the Penguin update.
  3. Organic Traffic: Measure your organic traffic before and after 22 May. Has your traffic decreased from the 22nd? Check your traffic across major pages.

What to do if you see a sharp decline in traffic since Penguin 2.0

  1. Spam: Remove any pages that are spammy from your site. If the page can be improved, edit it so that it truly provides value to viewers of your website. If not, remove it entirely.
  2. Audit your inbound links: Remove any low quality inbound links. You can also make use of Google’s Disavow Links Yool for web-masters.
  3. Build trustworthy links: To prove to Google that your website is worthy of being ranked near the top, you need to get credible links from third parties. Start an inbound link building campaign targeting websites that rank well.

Google is making it harder for websites to rank using unethical SEO tricks. This cleans up search results ensuring that when searches are conducted only the most valuable results rank at the top of Google. If you are worried that you may have been affected by Penguin 2.0 or if you would like to launch a SEO campaign, contact WSI OMS for more information.

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