In my 10 years of operating my WSI franchise, I have been blessed to meet many of my fellow WSI Internet Consultants from around the world. Many of us may have experienced the tragic loss of a loved one and found it difficult to cope. Today I want to introduce a good friend of mine and fellow WSI consultant, Alan Tomkins from Scotland as he has a story that I feel is worth sharing with my network. – Francois Muscat

Recently we had bereavement in our family. Tragically it was a nephew that committed suicide. There was no warning just a tragic unexpected death of a 26 year old with the world at his feet.

Our entire family was devastated and the burden that befell us all was very difficult to comprehend.  How do you deal with questions like why didn’t I see this coming, what was the reason, was it something I could have helped prevent, how must his parents be feeling, and how do I talk about this to his parents and the rest of the family. This list goes on…

In this situation talking to someone that has no emotional connection with the situation is extremely helpful. George Davidson and his team at Interactions in Kirkcaldy helped me deal with the trauma of an unexpected loss, but also gave me some simple guidelines on how to talk to my family members about this tragedy and help them to deal with their feels of loss and guilt.

George and his team deal with many difficult and often tragic situations like addiction, loss, relationship breakdowns, abuse, stress and trauma. All George’s counsellors are fully qualified and work from an office so there are no difficult home visits.

At every point George was thoughtful, kind, a great listener, and totally discreet. He’s a qualified and highly professional person who truly wants to help his clients, a really refreshing attitude in a world that seems to be more interested in taking money that delivering value.

I am writing about this experience because I was a little lost and George provided me with guidance. I am sure many people find themselves in a similar position several times in their lives and it’s a real help to consult a professional.

I was a little worried about the cost of professional counselling but George’s hourly rate was a very nice surprise and he was worth every penny.

In conclusion I’d recommend that if you are struggling to deal with any difficult emotional problem get in touch with a professional counsellor, they really are fantastic.  And if you’re near Kirkcaldy in Fife, Scotland then seek out George, they don’t get any better.

Alan Thomkins is the MD of WSI Web Based Marketing. He is based in Fife in Scotland.


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