In our last post we explained why any blogger should consider creating an e-mail list. The answer is plain and simple and in retrospect it could’ve been summed up in one sentence: because more people will read what you’re writing about.

Regardless, we didn’t give you all the tips you need about creating a winning content marketing strategy to make sure that people actually sign up to receive e-mails from you, so here are a few tips to make this happen:

Give away a worthwhile freebie

Everyone is giving away freebies to entice people to sign-up to their lists. You need to make your freebie stand out because a one-page pdf isn’t worth the data needed to download it in the first place. Find out what your target audience would need. A simple way to achieve this is: look at your blog’s statistics to find out which posts and topics are top performers. Create a whitepaper, free webinar or something cool that they would want that relates to this topic.

Create a personalised welcome series

Don’t copy and paste the standard welcome message that robots write for e-mail list sign-ups. Write a more personal message and say that readers are welcome to contact you for blog suggestions or with questions (and include your own e-mail address, because if a reader is willing to give you their personal e-mail address then you should do the same). This creates an invaluable open communication channel with your readers.

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