When it comes to social selling, a lot of the content found online relates to setting up social media profiles and connecting with the right people. This is obviously a great place to start, but as any good salesperson will know, you’re only able to grow your revenue when you are able to build relationships, build trust, get referrals and ultimately repeat purchases.

Luckily, all of the above can be facilitated by social media. You don’t have to use your online profiles simply to get connections and wait for the rest of the sales funnel to play out in real life. Using content sharing and curating tools can be one of the best ways to show your expertise, experience and value to potential as well as existing clients.

In our previous blog post, we gave you a list of tools you can use to mine leads. In this blog, we’re listing a few tools you can use to engage with your network online:

  • Quora: What types of challenges do your potential clients face and how can your products or services solve these challenges? Quora is a Q&A website that will let you generate content which can be of value to your clients. Share your insights and expertise in order to engage with people online.
  • Storify: You can create a custom page on Storify to help others make sense of what people post on social media. You can create stories or timelines of the most noteworthy trends in your industry to show you have got your finger on the pulse.

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