Prior to this, social media marketing strategies were focussed on using Promoted Tweets based on user data that didn’t take advantage of the very thing that users turn to Twitter for: real-time updates and conversation. Because of the very time-sensitive nature of conversations and content on Twitter, the Promoted Tweets often didn’t reach relevant targets effectively or connect seamlessly with the latest trending topics. Thanks to this new feature, all that is about to change.

  1. Connect while your message is relevant. As a marketer, you used to only have a small window in which your brand can reach out on Twitter and engage with users effectively, but by being able to target keywords in users timelines, you have increased the time in which you can react and reach more people. For example, your fans may be prolific Tweeters, and mention several things in one day. But they did mention how much they loved your company’s new line of shoes. Even though that tweet is lower down on their timeline, you will be able to connect with it and reply directly to that user with, say, a discount coupon.
  2. Drive engagement. Keyword targeting will give you the opportunity to achieve a higher degree of relevance while further customising your messages to fit the various conversations. Before, you could Tweet that a new episode of a TV show would be on that night. Now, you can find and comment on tweets about various characters that users are making. This makes your Tweets more engaging than before, allowing you to drive conversation.

In conclusion, this new feature is a great way for marketers to fine-tune their social media strategies by staying relevant and creating conversations more effectively. WSI is an Internet marketing company that offers a wide range of cutting-edge social media services. To find out more, contact us today.

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