We have become a society of instantaneous living! Fast food, drive by for banking, food, etc. We shop online for convenience, do our banking online, therefore it is really important to make copy really easy to read, and with a wow headline, that tells a story all by itself, you are bound to direct far more traffic to your site  – so make sure you are holding the undivided attention of your audience with great headings!

Should you have a long- winded laborious waffling type of heading, you will not captivate the interest of the audience. In other words, the heading for your copy writing has to be so awesome, that anyone paying a visit will be extremely curious to find out more about that particular topic.


How does this sound? “Woman’s head blown off by blast” Come on – be perfectly honest, you would like to see the juice and find our more, find out how blood there is etc.

Or how about does this sound? “Siamese Twins get married – joined at the head and also in life”

Phenomenal copy

We all thrive on controversial, exciting news. Gossip magazines sell, sell and sell some more because we all love to find out the juice. That is why reality is so cool on live television.

We can do the same when writing copy, but the secret is to get your audience glued to your pages so that they will not be able to click away from your site.

Phenomenal copy with outstanding ah! Ha! Headings and exciting sub-headings will drive the kind of traffic to your site that you crave.

And for the very short concentration spans that all of us have when surfing, (because we are all so busy, busy, busy), the articles have to be short, sweet and really to the point. If we blather on and on the audience will get bored but oh so fast. Should you have ruined a brilliant article by making the heading average, then you should rethink how you can make your heading a little more engaging.

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