Thinking of copywriting may conjure up images of grade school, when your instructor insisted you had to write at least 500 words in order to receive a passing mark. In the real world however, if you can get your message across clearly in less than 100 words, it’s very beneficial for you to do so. This is especially true regarding website copy, as your goal is to turn as many visitors as possible into customers.

Why professional copywriters value quality over quantity:

  • People have short attention spans. We live in a time when someone can simply click out of your page and go back to the search engine results and if your website is very text heavy, that may be exactly what they do. Visiting a website which contains blocks of text is overwhelming for the reader and they’re likely to not read it at all. Communicate the essential information quickly and easily.
  • Too much text can obscure or hide your company’s message. If you try and dress up your content with fancy jargon or complicated phrases, there’s a chance the message may be lost. Cut through the clutter and keep it simple.
  • Content-heavy websites are not aesthetically pleasing… and aesthetics matter.

At WSI we have a team of professional copywriters who can create meaningful and unique content for your website or your blog. High-performing content means your website becomes higher in search engine rankings and has a better chance of reaching your target audiences. So rather than taking on the task of writing content yourself, call WSI and learn how we can help.

If you’d like to learn about professional copywriting services from WSI, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.

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