When it comes to working in the graphic design industry, just like with any other job it is easy to get de-motivated, especially when your productivity hangs upon your creativity. It is important that you take the time and discipline yourself to keep up your energy and creativity levels. Follow these tips to keep your motivation from slipping.

 5 Tips to keep up your creativity

  • Creative environment. As a graphic designer, it is important that your work space lends itself to getting your creative juices flowing. Create a space that inspires you and makes you want to work.
  • Deadlines. In an industry that revolves around targets and due dates, it is important that you keep your task load manageable to avoid getting swamped and stressed. Set realistic goals and give yourself rewards for achievements.
  • Flow. Everyone is different when it comes to productivity and it is vital that you understand yourself to know when you are at your most productive, be it early morning or late at night. This is known as ‘finding the flow’.
  • Inspiration. Get out of the office and find things that inspire you. When you experience new things and change your day-to-day routine, you broaden your mind and your creativity. This will help you stay motivated and prevent you from producing dull, boring work.
  • Keep to yourself. In a creative industry like graphic design, it is important to get other view points and inspiration from other designers, but you must never compare your work to theirs or allow them to demoralise you. Stick to your own projects and produce work that you are personally happy with.

By following these easy steps, you will find your productivity will increase and your ideas will stay fresh and up-to-date, helping you excel in all facets of your graphic design career.

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