Top search engine Google and top Social Networking site Facebook are two different web platforms that are intended to satisfy two functions on the Internet – one is search and the other is Social Networking. However, Social Networking traffic is fast eclipsing the amount of traffic search engines like Google receive.

This is a wakeup call for those of us in Internet Marketing that aren’t embracing Social Media Marketing as a whole new sphere of the Online Marketing industry. In other words, if you aren’t including Social Media as huge part of your Internet Marketing package, then you’re doing yourself and your clients a huge injustice.

The Proof

Web traffic analysis company Hitwise recently released a report analysing Internet user trends in Australia. According to the data compiled by Hitwise, Social Media usage climbed rapidly in the second half of 2009. In fact, it peaked over search engine activity in the 2009 festive season. This can be attributed to the increased communication that takes place over the Christmas period.

The Future of the Search Engines Vs Social Media

If Social Media Networking eventually dominates the Search Engines based on traffic (visits), then it would mean a definitive change on the Internet. Firstly, there would be a move from visiting pages built by HTML web developers to subscribing to RSS feeds of sources that interest us and syndicated updates in real time.

There will probably be a number of privacy battles to overcome in the beginning; however, this will pave the way for innovation on the Internet. One thing is certain, things will change if Social Networking gets in front of traditional Internet search.

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