Google’s Social Search aims to make search more personal and now it is available in beta.

Social Search personalises your search results by providing web content that contains not only expert opinion but also the experiential opinions found in your friends’ Blogs and other social networks. Google’s Social Search can make the information your receive on a searched topic more reliable/credible since you know the author and are more likely to trust him/her than the information you source from an author you’ve never met.

Google Social Search has also been added to Google Images. Now when you’re doing a search on Images, you may start seeing pictures from people in your social circle. Just like the other social results, social image results appear under a special heading called “Results from your social circle.”

Social Search has great potential to improve search as we know it and this is only the beginning. If you want to get the most out of Social Search right away, get started by creating a Google Profile, where you can add links to your other public online social services.

Visit the Official Google Blog to watch helpful videos on Google Social Search.