Using analytics for your website is an effective way to make sure you’re marketing your site the right way to reach your target audience. You can quickly and easily see how certain people are landing on your site, what they’re searching for and what attracts them (or detracts them) from your site. This is essential for marketing for mobile, as it helps you market your business by building a site that takes advantage of your audience’s search and web navigation habits. Google Real-Time Insights Finder is a tool that adds a whole new dimension to your analytics process.

What is Real-Time Insights Finder?

Google’s Real-Time Insights Finder is a tool for web analytics that allows you to see how your audience is interacting with your site in real time – that means as it is happening. You can therefore gain deeper insights into consumers’ web habits and not have to worry that your data is aged. This means being able to design a mobile marketing strategy that incorporates real, up to the minute insights for your target audience.

How to use the Real-Time Insights Finder

Firstly, you need to consider what your business is offering. It could be anything from plumbing to auto repairs. So use this as your starting point. Find out how and when people are searching for plumbing services. When does the search peak? What related keywords come out on top? Plumbing supply is the most popular related search term, so this info can then be used to further your marketing strategy. People seem to be looking for DIY solutions rather than paying for services. And so on and so forth. You can build a really effective marketing strategy using these analytics.

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