For those that have enjoyed the timeline design on Facebook (which has created many an opportunity for brilliantly-designed business and personal pages) you’ll be happy to know that Google Plus has recently rolled out their version of a ‘timeline’ style look.

Here are some of the changes (and what you can do with them):


  1. Longer, banner-style header images. There’s a lot more room to play with here and a great opportunity to design something that creates an awesome first impression.
  2. Customisable navigation for full business communication.
  3. The right hand side bar now has opportunities to promote your page and grow your numbers.
  4. Trending topics and an explore section. Trending topics are fantastic for staying on the ball and like Twitter, can get your updates noticed.
  5. A brand new hangouts page. Conference calls have never been easier.
  6. Enhanced photo albums and videos, so you have even more ways to show people what you and your team are getting up to.
  7. A simple, easy way to see who is viewing your page and engaging with it. Know your audience and build your online presence accordingly.
  8. Plus you can now easily switch between your personal account and as a page admin, for more streamlined and efficient Google Plus use.

So there you have it: the top changes implemented onto Google Plus. It is one thing to have a Facebook page, but full online penetration requires going the extra mile. So set up your profiles across the web and watch how your presence grows.

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