Google+ is making waves in the social media marketing world and if you have been resisting it, chances are you are missing out on a great digital marketing platform that could boost not just sales, but also your reputation and image as a business or marketer.

If you have been struggling to get going with Google+ and just can’t fathom why you should start now, here are a few good reasons to consider:

  • Google+ members receive improved rankings on Google which caters to up to 67% of all search traffic currently.
  • Your AdWords campaign will get a boost with social annotations. Any AdWords account linked to your Google+ page will receive a follower count. This is known to ensure a 5% to 10% increase in click-through rates.
  • You will have access to a great webinar platform. Google Hangouts, offered as part of Google+, is a great platform to present webinars to interested parties and to easily communicate with clients all over the world.

Three tips for using Google+ effectively to boost your online marketing:

  • Incorporate relevant links and keywords on your “about” page. This page is the ideal place to link back to important pages and information on your website and other external sources.
  • Ensure you use keywords in your posts and post often. Social search results from Google are more relevant when your social connections are considered. Include keywords in your posts to ensure they show up in your follower’s search results.
  • Set up Google Authorship. This is a great way to “own” your content and soon Google and your followers will see you as a reliable source of quality and trustworthy information. This is an effective way to make use of SEO benefits and your image will show up next to content that you post.

Social media marketing by WSI

At WSI we specialise in social media marketing strategies. Not only can we show you how to get your Google+ page working for you, but we can also help you with other available platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on. Our social media services include:

  • Social media optimisation.
  • Online community management.

Contact us at WSI for more information and advice on how we can assist you with social media marketing strategy today.

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