When it comes to promoting your business on social media platforms, the first ones that come to mind are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. However, a platform one should never discount (even though it often gets overlooked), is Google Plus.

To ignore this social network is to ignore the world’s most powerful search engine’s social network, which is, as social media marketing experts like WSI OMS will tell you, not a good idea. It is true that currently Google Plus is not a major traffic driver like Twitter or Facebook, but recent surveys have revealed that registration with this platform is on the rise, so if you want to stay ahead of the game, now is a good time to register. Aside from this, registering your business on this platform also has a lot of other advantages like:

  1. It will make it easy for you to claim authorship of the original content you have on the web. All your content will be accredited to you and other business won’t be able to plagiarise it.
  2. You can easily link all your other profiles and sites to this account, which is a feature no other social media platform offers, and so ensure that all your content is clearly visible and easily accessible.
  3. Your website will have stronger search engine recognition. This will no doubt enhance your marketing efforts but should not act as a substitute for a SEO strategy.
  4. A well optimised Google Plus page will also rank higher than any stand-alone website.
  5. Links and referrals will be weighted according to where they come from as opposed to wherefrom they were posted.

With all these advantages it becomes clear why your business can’t afford not to have a presence on this platform. So contact us today and learn how to make the most of your Google Plus account and your overall social media marketing campaign.

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