SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is critical to various internet marketing campaigns, and the somewhat new Google+ profiles are beginning to play an important part in searches. A few months ago, Google added related places, people, personal results, profiles, photos, and posts to the search engine result pages when you are logged in with your Google account. It is now not just about optimizing your website, but building your company and personal brand online.

Very similar to LinkedIn profiles, certain profile fields of your Google+ profile can be indexed by Google. The best way to be found is to repeat relevant keywords that apply to your business industry. On a side note, search queries favor verified Google+ members if you have been added to a large number of circles.

Optimizing your Google+ profile

When creating and optimizing your Google+ profile, be sure to add the following to your profile:

  • About you introduction
  • Employment history
  • Your education
  • Places you have stayed at

It is very important that you repeat the keywords in the above fields, but the same white hat rule applies here; don’t spam. Not only will Google label your Google+ profile as spam, but you are going to annoy the people who does it the right way. Google won’t be fooled: your name isn’t “Social Media Expert”, you did not get a “Social Media Expert” degree in 1990, and you certainly don’t live in a city called “Social Media Expert”.

Using the +1 button on blogs and on the Google search does have a meaning. The more people who click the +1 button, the higher the URL shows up in Google+ search results.

If you think that managing your awesome Facebook Fan page takes a lot of time then the new Google+ brand pages are not for you. Don’t let me put you down on this, because, once again, what you share on your brand page gets feeded into Google searches. The same with profile pages, your brand must be in 1000 or more circles to get a “verification” stamp.

Many people will tell you that Google+ was a trend and it is starting to fade away, but that is not true. Google+ helps with search engine optimization.

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