Peter Rees a UK WSI Internet Consultant shares his process on how to engage with large British companies on a consultancy role.

Peter comes from a strong IT consultant background and told us how he goes about researching and approaching these large companies.

His consulting revenue at least 5 fold and it’s all based on meeting regularly with with his client to guide them as their online marketing partner.

He used the words “We influence the direction of their online marketing initiatives.” This is a very important point that he raises as I have seen similar growth within my client base whenever I take the lead role and direct their online activities.

He shared the rest of his case studies and the monthly spend from them ranges from 280 pounds – 7,000 pounds.

In addition he shared his actual process of how to go about creating the audit and this just shows the value of attending these training sessions


One thing that he pointed out was that many of the websites were written in technical language and this was reflected in the high page bounce rate that he identified in the monthly reports.

The message here is that if you don’t measure you don’t manage, we’ve all heard that before.

His service covers:

  • Reporting against KPIs
  • Ad-hoc in depth analysis
  • Managing Internet Marketing Campaigns
  • Advising on SEO initiatives
  • Advise on Social media

Analytics is the gold mine and you have to get hold of this information so that you can add value from the analysis.

Meeting regularly gives you the opportunity to help improve your client’s profile.

A great presentation and an inspiration to all of our WSI Internet Consultants

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