It is tempting to fill your web site with as much information as possible, but simplicity is a key element of good web design. By keeping things simple, you make it easier for people visiting your site to find the information they are after. As a business owner, you may be tempted to fill your landing page with as much content as possible, after all your website is there to inform people about your products and services. The problem with this approach is that visitors to your site will be overwhelmed with all this information and instead of taking it in; they will probably leave your site frustrated.

The importance of space

Spacing is one of the elements that you can use to make the content on your website clear and easy to read. For example, the spacing between lines of text impacts on how readable this text is. Too little space makes the text appear cluttered, while also forcing people to strain their eyes in order to read it, while too much space around the text can cause the writing to get lost. Essentially, you want to balance your text and spacing in a way that makes the text stand out and be easy to read.

You should also use spacing to separate your text and images. This makes the images stand out, while also making the text easy to read. While there are exceptions to this rule, leaving a bit of space between different elements on a web page allows the eye to flow around the elements of the page. Ultimately this is what you want so that visitors to your web site can appreciate all your content.

Keeping it simple

In addition to using space to create easy to read website, you should keep you web design as simple as possible. The simpler the design, the easier it is for visitors to your web site to find the information they are looking for. This means sticking to some general guidelines. For example, most web sites have the company logo in the top left hand corner of the landing page. This means visitors to your site will be looking here for this information and putting it anywhere else will probably confuse them. You can also achieve simplicity by using accepted labels for your tabs, such as ‘contact us’, ‘services’ and ‘blog’.


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