It is known that a well planned and optimized social media marketing strategy can provide you with massive amounts of traffic, attention, and brand recognition. Apart from being low-cost, a social media marketing campaign can encourage your network to engage with you and can greatly increase your up selling strategies.

The best way to launch a new social media marketing campaign is to identify which channels you are going to use in your campaign after you have research who you would like to reach, and how you are going to reach them. Find below a couple of the most popular social media channels you can use.

Popular social media channels

Facebook: With more than 750 million members spending billions of minutes every month sharing interesting content and engaging with one another, the mother of all social networks provides businesses with opportunities to connect with their clients through their own branded Fan pages, groups, games, and more.

Twitter: Twitter provides a super fast way to promote link worthy and interesting content. This micro blogging channel helps businesses promote their brand and profile with people in real-time, through 140 characters or less. News travels much faster on Twitter than Radio and Television could ever provide because it is real-time. Nothing beats real-time results.

LinkedIn: This is a professional social network and is a very effective resource for business marketing. By creating and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to be 100% complete, interested members will be able to connect with you. There are many professional niche groups available on LinkedIn that you can join to start engaging with the members and to share interesting content.

LinkedIn with its strong profile rankings is an effective resource for any business. By setting up a basic profile (with a followed link), businesses are able to connect with an online network through groups and events.

YouTube: YouTube is the biggest and fastest growing video network channel. According to, YouTube  is the 3rd most visited site with Google first and Facebook second. Video marketing is a great way to engage with targeted people on YouTube. When uploading a new video to YouTube, optimize the title, description and the Thumbnail image for the video to help it get the most views.