Writing interesting copy is both as fun and challenging as it sounds.  Every day, thousands of talented writers upload articles and start blogs of great calibre on popular subjects. While this may seem like a huge chunk of the work, it’s actually the easy part of the whole blog writing process. The hard part is getting your interesting article or blog discovered by the people who will benefit most from your piece.

Get your articles noticed

The biggest problem with blogs and articles is that writers often stop marketing their blogs after uploading their article and perhaps posting it on a few sites. If you want to make sure that your blogs are noticed by as many people as possible, you need to make sure that they are easy to find. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using popular keyword phrases.

Narrowing the keyword scope

Once you’ve decided on your topic, think of the words which an interested party would use in a search engine. Use an automated tool such as Google Adwords to discover these more accurately and see what people are searching for. Apart from these main keywords, there could be plenty more related keyword phrases that you could work into your article. Take care to use both your main keywords and related keywords sensibly and regularly within your article. Perhaps find unique ways to approach the subject, or write about what people seem to be most interested in. You will often find that a few simple tweaks to your article will make it way more search engine friendly.

Find some good websites

Next, you will need to find websites within the subject that can market your post. If you pick a popular website, you will be able to generate more traffic to your article. There is no hard and fast methodology than can assure a burgeoning writer of traffic to his or her blog, but a combination of the above techniques can do wonders. Nothing however can replace a well researched and informative set of work that is both useful and entertaining to the readers it’s presented to. With all the tips above, you should be on your way to a popular and marketable writing blog, which will hopefully generate income and interest.

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