Twitter, the micro blogging service and one of the most popular social media channels can be a small business owner best friend. I know that there are a couple of businesses that feel that Twitter is really not for them, and while it can be true for some businesses, there is quite a lot of exposure you can get for your business from this micro blogging platform.

If you are still unsure of how this micro blogging tool works, simply create an account and start playing with it to get a feel on how it works. Once you are comfortable using Twitter, you can start using it to its full potential to start building your own network and to promote your business.  Here’s a couple of Twitter tips to help you get started with Twitter.

Twitter tips

  • Messaging: With the messaging feature on Twitter, you can basically send a message to anyone on this channel. Only those that are also following you will be able to see this on their stream.
  • Replying: This is one of the most important parts of Twitter. When you are posting an update on Twitter, look for responses. Most responses happens within 5 minutes of posting your update, so you really don’t have to wait hours for a response. When someone responds to one of your Tweets, reply to them using the @ symbol followed by their Twitter handle – for example @wsioms.
  • Hash tags: Use hashtags (#) in front of important keywords to categorize and tag Tweets. This is very handy if you are hooking into trending topics on Twitter, or to help your Tweet get more exposure on the search results.
  • Followers: Search and look for quality followers to follow on Twitter. You can do this by spending time communication with others that are relevant to your business.
Twitter really doesn’t require a lot of time. If you have something interesting to say, tweet it. Most of the responses on Twitter comes back quickly so you don’t have to keep on watching the screen to check for responses. You can Tweet out your business message, follow other users, answer any questions, or just checkout the trends. When you receive a response, follow these up as soon as possible. Twitter can be used successfully even if you are only connecting to this platform a few minutes every day.