Everyone seems to be actively involved in email marketing as part of their social media marketing strategy. Marketing professionals are well aware that email marketing is offers the best return on investment when compared with any other online marketing medium. Of course you want to drive sales and revenue to your business in every possible way, but you might not be sure how to get started with email. How can you claim your portion of the market and get started with your email marketing campaign?

Below are a few steps to getting your email marketing campaign up and running successfully:

  • Make sure you have a set goal in mind before you set up your campaign. For instance, what do you want to achieve from your email marketing campaign. Do you want to make sales, create awareness of promotions and specials or do you want to simply share content with your subscribers. Know what your goal is will help you to create your email properly.
  • Build your email contacts list – you can do this in the following ways:
  • Import a list of existing contacts (make sure that you have permission to email these subscribers before you add them to your list).
  • Build a brand new list by offering consumers incentives for signing up for your newsletter or similar.
  • Adding boxes and header information on your website encouraging people to subscribe to your email list.
  • Decide what type of email marketing campaign is best for you. Your actual goals can help you to establish this. Options include: newsletter, marketing offer, announcement and event invitation.
  • Now you can create your campaign by paying attention to the following aspects:
  • Make sure your campaign email is easy to read. Keep the information short and concise and interesting.
  • Include relevant content for your subscribers. Make sure that there’s interesting news and information that pertains to your industry. Keep your subscribers feeling informed.
  • Keep your content in line with your brand image and tone.
  • Include clear calls to action. If it’s difficult for a reader to take the next step to buy or get in touch with you, you simply won’t make the conversions.
  • Always measure the results after each campaign. You want to know which emails worked, who responded and how they responded. This will help you to run better email marketing campaigns in the future.

Effective Email Marketing Services at WSI

If you want to truly tap into the potential of your online marketing campaign, incorporating an effective and well thought out email campaign as part of your strategy is a step in the right direction. With the help of WSI you can gain the online exposure that you are looking for. To learn more about our digital marketing services and how to make use of email campaigns effectively, contact us at WSI today.

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