If you want to leverage social selling techniques to help you prospect for new leads, you need to know your keywords – words or phrases that match a user’s search with online content. General keywords can be used to create a buzz about your business, and to bring as many people as possible online. To get to the right people to your site, and turn those clicks into customers, you need to be more strategic about what keywords you use.


  1. Think Like a Customer 

Put yourself in their shoes, and imagine what your customers would search for. Consider all the categories of products or services you offer, and then come up with specific search words for each of these categories.


  1. Organise Your Theme 

Create different themes for the different types of products or services you sell. Design a campaign around a broad theme, and then create different keywords for your products or services within that theme. This not only helps you reach the right customers, but it also helps to keep your campaigns organised.


  1. Be Specific 

Using general keywords opens you up to irrelevant matches. To promote a particular campaign, add as much specific detail as possible.


  1. Use Google’s Keyword Planner 

Normally used in conjunction with AdWords, the keywords and phrases generated with the keyword planner can be used throughout all your online presence.


Unlock the Power of Keywords 

Would you like to strategically use keywords to boost your position on the lists of search engines? The team at WSI OMS are experts in this field. Contact us for more information today.

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