Did  you know that by adding a blog to your website you can improve your site’s organic search engine optimization rankings?  Using a blog is a great way to attract links and targeted traffic to your existing website and it can be done in three ways.

  • Blog posts written with original and interesting opinions and content can attract links from other blogs which can build up the popularity of the entire site.
  • With a blog, you can add fresh content to your website on a regular basis.  Each blog post is seen as another page on your website by the search engines.  Websites with lots of pages tend to rank better with the search engines.
  • When you publish a new blog post, it is distributed over the internet with RSS (Real Simple Syndication) so new visitors will begin arriving to your new blog post within minutes of posting.

Tips for blogging

Keywords: Before you start writing a new blog post, select a topic and keywords related to your website that your readers and customers will find interesting.  It is all about reaching your target audience with an interesting and useful message.  This could be about the opinions on the latest industry trends or just basic advice.  Prepare a list of keywords that you can use in your blog post title, category, tags and the content of the blog post.

Writing: Blogging/social media is not about selling directly.  It is about engaging with readers with interesting content and thought provoking writings.  You are branding yourself as the expert and leader in your market and niche.  Do this right and people will return to read what you have to say.

Links: If you write original and interesting blog posts, you will develop a readership that will return to read what you have to say.  Others will use your advice on their own blogs and they will naturally link to your posting as a reference to support their writing.  These links will help with the ranking of your website with its link popularity, improving your site’s organic search engine rankings.

RSS: When you publish a new blog post, RSS (Real Simple Syndication) pings out the blog post title, first few characters of the blog post and the URL (address) of your blog post to various blog aggregators and search engines. These new blog posts can be indexed very quickly and they can appear on the search engine result pages within minutes of posting.

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