If your company delivers or sells highly specialised services or products, you’re probably of the opinion that you should take care of copywriting in-house. If it is copy or content for an internal document, this is indeed a perfectly good option, but if it involves any communication that is aimed at prospective or current clients, it can be a very bad idea.

The reason for this is that, whilst you know your product inside-and-out and understand all the intricate technicalities, this is rarely information that the general public can – or have the time – to process. All they usually want is to quickly and clearly understand exactly what you are selling and why they should choose you over one of your competitors. Furthermore, it can come across as patronising to those who understand the jargon, and intimidating to those who don’t. You also want to remember that, if people don’t understand what you are saying, it’s very difficult to gain their trust.

It is therefore usually a much better option to hire a professional online marketing company like WSI OMS to handle these kinds of communications. We have the ability to understand what you want to say and the language skills to then rework the information into copy that is easy to comprehend as well as fun to read.

Another reason why it is better to get outside help is because, very often, you are just too close to your product or service and therefore, as surprising as this sounds, you don’t always see all the benefits. By this we simply mean that, because you are so involved in the little details, you don’t see the big picture and often forget to mention simple benefits because you assume that whoever visits your webpage or reads your other advertising material would know certain things already.

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