By now, many businesses realise the unlimited potential of social media marketing, but what many people do not realise is how much valuable information social media can provide your business in order for you to make better, more educated business decisions.

Many companies do not track their social media success and instead rely on hunches to guide marketing strategies, but by employing strong web-focused analytics, businesses will be able to draw strategic intelligence from social media data and make more educated marketing decisions based on what they find. This creates a social intelligence and is able to supply information to those who need it in real time.

Why is social intelligence important?

In an age where everything is available online, internet and social media marketing success is all about content. Content marketing can only be handled correctly if a business is able to determine what their audience is discussing, as well as what they are looking for and what they are unhappy with.

When a company uses their social intelligence correctly, they will have the power to identify the players driving social media conversation around their brand and have the ability to target them and turn these players into brand ambassadors. Social data also helps identify product or user problems in real time, giving your business the opportunity to address the issues without damaging your brand reputation.

By correctly analysing and making use of your social data, you will have a marketing edge over your competitors, meeting needs that have yet to be met and finding new sources of revenue. At WSI OMS, we understand the value and importance of social intelligence to your business which is why we offer digital marketing seminars that give you the opportunity to educate your staff and get everyone on the same page in order to drive your marketing strategy forward.

When it comes to digital marketing, WSI OMS has the perfect solutions for your business. Contact us today and find out more.

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