SAP is a world leader in enterprise software and they have locations in 130 countries. WSI Internet Marketing Consultant, Francois Muscat, will be starting his 3 day intensive Social Selling training at the company’s South African headquarters in Johannesburg on Thursday, 9 October.

“Technical and IT companies, much like SAP, are becoming increasingly interested in the topic of social selling. In the past, sales teams were cold calling, getting appointments based on the company they represented or using other inefficient methods to set up meetings and network. Today, social media offers a completely different way of engaging,” says Francois.

Personal reputation drives business thanks to people educating themselves on social media. Francois explains that people who are experts in Cloud computing, big data, business intelligence and data warehousing, for example, need to make sure their knowledge and expertise is reflected online just as much as someone who is specialising in internet marketing or online retail.

“In order to get your potential customers to know, like and trust you, you need to reach prospects through their own social networks. One way to do this effectively is to create and share valuable content,” adds Francois.

Keep an eye on this blog on more information about how people in the IT industry can use social selling to their advantage.

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